Steve and Marcy Bartlett

Stephen Bartlett

I am currently a high school physics and computer science teacher in Fairfax, VA. I came to the classroom with a varied background, including professional musician, auto mechanic, carpenter, radio technician and engineer. As my professional journey unfolded, I worked in the high Colorado Rockies, felt earthquakes along the California coast and dodged hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico doing different and challenging projects. Along the way, I earned both a BS and MS degree in physics, which led to new career in communications technology working as an engineering scientist. While in the technology industry I published feature articles that helped to educate and inform my readers about technical advances in wireless.

Outside the classroom, I serve my community as a volunteer by sponsoring an after school STEM club, judging Science Fairs, and helping the nonprofit organization “Rebuilding Together” repairing and improving homes to be safer and healthier for financially challenged residents and their families. I also enjoy hiking, biking, writing, and playing guitar and mandolin.

I met my wife Marcy while working in Texas. During our journey together we’ve traveled to far off lands, met fascinating people and were able to raise a daughter and two sons, and now enjoy three grandchildren in our life.

Marcy and I joined Shepherd Village in April 2017 because we were drawn to the community by the intelligence, energy, enthusiasm and friendly camaraderie of the Shepherd Village members, who will soon be our new neighbors as we start a new and interesting chapter of life.