Stewart and Linda Smith

Stewart and Linda Smith


I am currently enjoying retirement after working for IBM for 30 years and doing various consulting gigs for several years after that. While working for IBM I serviced hardware equipment, supported applications (Sort, Compilers, etc.), managed projects and technicians in a software support center. I truly believe IBM stands for I’ve Been Moved.

Retirement has not left me wondering what do I do today. I am as busy today as I was when I worked full time. I enjoy gardening, reading, cycling and volunteering. Until recently I was on the Board of Directors for Advocates for Homeless Families in Frederick, Maryland. I am a Master Gardener in Carroll County, Maryland where I am First Vice-President in charge of programs (sounds more important than it is). I look forward to working with other SV members to help SV realize its potential as a thriving cohousing community.

I am drawn to Shepherd Village (SV) by the friendship of like-minded people. I have experienced people who cherish the earth and all the beings inhabiting it. I am very concerned with the rate at which the earth is being destroyed. I am encouraged by the thought that has gone into creating a community that will strive to preserve the environment and all creatures who dwell in it. I am also drawn to the SV community by the trust and respect that is exhibited between all the members and prospective members of the community.



My former professional life was that of a public school teacher. With degrees in music and math, I experienced working with children from the ages of five to twenty. Some of my most memorable moments are from directing musicals at the high school and community college levels. Early in life, I became a life-long advocate on behalf of animals. As an adult, I became part of local organizations working for companion animals, sat on a county mediation board for citizens having animal issues with neighbors, volunteered at the county animal control facility where I organized their volunteer program and ran it for the first two years. My compassion extended to the farm animal community as I learned more and more about the horrific treatment factory-farmed animals received while in confinement. This led me to several years of work on a farm animal sanctuary. In the year 2000, I formed a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to rescuing companion animals from local shelters where they were destined for euthanasia. I turned over the title of Executive Director in 2011, after rescuing and placing over 2,200 animals in loving homes with the help of many dedicated volunteers. A love of gardening has led me to being active as a master gardener in our local community. I currently serve as chairperson of the Communication and Outreach committee.

Prior to becoming members of the amazing Shepherd Village (SV) community, my husband and I were drawn to the warmth and charm of the town of Shepherdstown. On one of our regular visits there, we came across the information that SV was in the process of forming. Through our initial period of meeting with those who were already members, we began forming relationships with people who exhibited characteristics and values which we considered extremely important. This was a group who cared about each other and demonstrated compassion and consideration for all beings, as well as the environment.

As a member of SV, I hope to continue to extend my time and efforts to help those in need, whether they are human beings or any other type of being, as well as the environment. I look forward to living closely with people who work together and care about each other enough to listen and respect the views of each other, even though they may differ. We come together in likeness as well as diversity. It’s going to be a fabulous chapter in my life! I’m ready!