Lynn (Abby) Streu

Lynn (Abby) Streu

Since I was about 5, I have been cooking, cleaning, and caring for family members from my sister (14 years younger), to my grandmother (after she had strokes), to my parents who were able to stay in their own homes until they passed. Animals were always around, from dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish, and even a monkey.  I love the country life complete with sounds, sights and even the smells.  Gardening has always been a favorite pastime of mine, mainly because I eat what I grow (smile)!

I helped my father manage over 30 rental properties.   I have owned 10 homes and replacing sinks, vanities and toilets; installing lights and ceiling fans; painting and wall papering.

My education includes a BA in Business Management, a UMBC Electronic Commerce Graduate Program Certificate, Certificate in Project Management, H&R Block Tax Software Certification, ASQ certification as a Software Quality Engineer, and I am a Certified International Configuration Manager.

Currently I work at Triumph Thermal Systems – Maryland, managing Data & Configuration Management and SW Engineering Quality Assurance for multiple Aerospace programs.  Before that I spent almost 30 years at Freddie Mac managing CM, infrastructure, QA, and production applications, as well as the Data Warehouse.

I’m very close to my two children.  I have 5 grandkids that I am also close to, as I have lived on/off with them for most of their lives.  I taught 3 of the 5 to drive (they all passed the test) and the 2 others are just waiting to reach legal age so I can teach them.

I was drawn to Shepherdstown after attending a seminar there for the ARE (which is based in VA beach) where I’m a lifetime member. I found Shepherds Village when searching for an over 55 community for a friend of mine but fell in love with the concept, the house designs, and most of all the wonderful, mature, intelligent people who are able to make their dreams come true. Shepherdstown is close to both my kids and all of my grandkids too!