Donna and Bill Hiatt

Donna Hiatt

I grew up in the Washington, DC area. For someone who, even as a child, loved the arts and the out-of-doors equally, DC in the 40’s and 50’s was a wonderful place to be. I have such fond memories of visiting the museums and the zoo, having picnics in Rock Creek Park and Great Falls, even working on term papers in the Library of Congress.

When I entered the University of Maryland, I remember my father telling me if I kept up my grades and my French classes, he would send me to the Sorbonne my junior year. I got married instead to my high school sweetheart. Talk about opportunities missed!

Ten years and two children later, I was divorced and reentering the University of Maryland to finish my education, minus the semester at the Sorbonne. I graduated with a BS degree in gerontology. Just six months later, Bill and I were married, and I found myself moving to Portland, OR. I immediately fell in love with the area. The majesty and beauty of Portland’s surrounding were breathtaking. Again, I was in a city where the arts and a multitude of outdoor activities were at my fingertips.

While there, I worked as an administrative assistant in a nursing facility, which I loved. Five years later, we decided to move back East because of family concerns. It was then that I delved into another passion of mine — antiques.

With Bill being equally passionate about antiques, we eventually decided to start our own business. That was more than 10 years ago. We hope to continue with the business as long as we can waddle around, but now we are also looking forward to the next chapter in our lives at Shepherd Village, where we will be sharing good times and even the difficult times with a very special group of people. And as an added bonus, we will be within walking distance of Shepherdstown, another beautiful gem of a town that offers its residents a host of cultural and outdoor activities to enjoy.

Bill Hiatt

My life has been one of exploration—from my lecturing to a University of Maryland class as part of my 6th grade teacher’s master’s thesis, to climbing Mt. St. Helen’s and Mt Rainier, to learning how to fly.

It has also been one of service. I have spent time working with an Episcopal youth group as well as in a storefront legal clinic for those who were being exploited. I also, for many years, worked on the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol During these times, I found that I received as much or more than I gave.

To continue in sharing a life of exploration and service with Donna, my partner of 37 years, and the people of Shepherd Village is something I consider a gift. To do so in the surroundings of Shepherdstown, just adds to this adventure.