Jackie Sabath

Jackie Sabath

“Hope is the thing with feathers…” — Emily Dickenson

If I had my life to do over again, I think birds would figure more prominently in my professional path. As it is, the winged creatures have perched in my soul, revived my spirit and restored hope all throughout my life.

As has the experience of community. Shepherd Village will be the winter season of community life for me. Spring was a long season as a founding member of Sojourners Community, an intentional faith-based inner city DC community with a commitment to social justice. Summer brought a lovely, less intense community house church, filled with beautiful children, potlucks, creative worship and meaningful work. Fall led me to a Shenandoah mountain retreat center, Rolling Ridge Study Retreat Community, rich with an organic garden, engaging retreats and talented fellow journeyers.

Community has been for me a crucible of love and transformation. In each of these settings I’ve offered gifts of pastoral presence and leadership of various kinds. As a Licensed Professional Counselor by trade, I have private practices in both West Virginia and Maryland, specializing in couples therapy. It is enriching and rewarding work.

Married to Bob, we share two wonderful children and their spouses, and six grandchildren. These grand beings are the hope without feathers, who perch in our souls and sing a never ending song.