Leah and David Rampy

Leah Rampy

I was born and raised in Kansas. However, after David and I were married in 1972, we found ourselves always ready for adventures that took us to new places, including Australia, Indiana, Texas, Florida, New York, Connecticut, and Virginia. I’ve been fortunate to have a series of interesting and engaging careers. I taught school, served as a university professor, ran training departments and HR for Fortune 100 companies, started my own business offering executive coaching and group facilitation, and worked as the Executive Director for a non-profit, Shalem Institute.

Now I lead pilgrimages, retreats, and online courses, often with a focus on deepening our connection to creation or contemplative leadership. David and I are working to implement permaculture principles on a small farm in the Shenandoah Valley that’s been a second home to our family for 15 years. We grow fruits and vegetables, and I’m especially interested in healing herbs.

Our children, Andrew and Ana, are amazingly wonderful young adults who are studying theatre and environmental studies, respectively. We love to read, travel, and attend theatre, and are passionate about earth care. We are looking forward to working, living, and sharing in this vibrant community of creative and open-hearted individuals who want to offer the best of ourselves to others and strive to live more lightly on this Earth.


David Rampy

The most wonderful time in my life happened one evening in the cool fall on the high plains of western Kansas. I got a call from a young, beautiful 5th grade teacher wanting to know if I’d come over for some maple nut bread. Her name was Leah Moran and it was love at first bite. I am truly blessed to have shared the past 44 years with Leah. Together we have created “communities” around the world. Some have been small and personal and some large and diverse; most have been short lived.

Early in our lives we moved a lot. Two years in one place and it was time to move on. We were restless explorers looking for new challenges. Along the way I made a career as a professional opera singer. As a lead dramatic tenor, I sang across the US, Canada, and Germany. Leah found her way in academia and then in the corporate world.

Life changed again in the biggest way when we adopted our son, Andrew, from Peru and then our daughter, Ana, from Guatemala. This brought us double blessings and great love. Now we are looking to join and make what may be our last, best community with amazing people here in Shepherd Village. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought we would end up in West Virginia – but adventure calls!