Martha Wetherholt and Mike Binder

Martha Wetherholt and Mike Binder

Mike Binder

Martha and I were drawn to Shepherd Village because we were looking for Community and because we want to live more sustainably. Shepherdstown has a nice small town feeling, the University provides opportunities for continued learning, and it is within striking distance of DC.

I was born in Michigan, grew up in Northern Virginia, and have been bouncing back and forth between the Midwest and the MidAtlantic ever since. As a youngster, I loved to draw – mostly buildings, aliens and spaceships. As an adult, those same interests led me to be a physicist, then an engineer and finally an Architect. I seem to be searching for something, don’t I? At least I found a great woman… but again, only after working out some issues in my first marriage.

My current interests outside of work are in permaculture, a systems based approach to intensive agriculture. I also enjoy baking (especially cakes), hiking and exploring the world with Martha. I am hoping to build a comfortable life in Shepherd Village, including a sustainable design and consulting practice.


Martha Wetherholt

Community, sustainability, walkability and a fun place to be drew us initially to Shepherd Village. Meeting and working with all the wonderful, smart, funny and caring folks who are part of Shepherd Village and working together toward making that community has made me feel part of something special. I look forward to continuing and growing with this community as well as partaking in the ins and outs of Shepherdstown and the University. The great location and funky vibes are a draw as well and should be a good place to have a craniosacral practice!

I come from a small river town in southeastern Ohio where I grew up as a tomboy with an interest in math and science. College took me to Cleveland, and I learned to love city life as well. With a degree in Biomedical Engineering I spent a few years working in the medical devices industry when I found the world ran on software. So, I moved into that field and have been working in it ever since. Working mostly in the Cleveland area except for a few years in Cockeysville, MD. I ended up back in Cleveland and at NASA in 1990. NASA is where I met Mike, working with him on the NASA Children’s Christmas show. I have studied yoga since my mid-twenties and found the energetic healing arts through several great teachers and a community of healers in the Cleveland area. Balancing my left and right brain, is an interesting act.

Currently, NASA brought me back to the East Coast to work in DC as the NASA Software Assurance Manager and Technical Fellow. I love my work at NASA and will always have place for science and engineering in my life. I like doing things around the house and I like gardening. I really feel like permaculture is a needed step in making a beautiful, sustainable, and bountiful environment. I am looking forward to transitioning from my hectic job at NASA to doing my craniosacral work. I also hope to travel and see even more of the world with Mike.