Phil and Charlotte Baker-Shenk

Phil and Charlotte Baker-Shenk

Phil Baker-Shenk

On a daily basis I commute (drive or train) between our home near Shepherdstown and downtown DC. As a partner in a large international law firm, I maintain an active practice principally focused on representing Native American Indian tribal governments on a diverse range of issues including project development. I see myself as a furtively spiritual mystic, a political junkie, a bit of a contrarian, a mercurial communard, a news hound, a church cat, a vocal singer, a Mennonite farm boy, a curious explorer, and the indefatigable lover of Charlotte, snorkeling, fixing things, and flying single engine airplanes in empty, calm, and blue skies.

I love where I have lived for the past 23 years – on 11 acres of rolling and wooded hills overlooking the meandering Potomac River. But I will follow Charlotte anywhere, even to the gates of heaven (aka — Shepherd Village).

Charlotte Baker-Shenk

Seems like I’ve had several “careers” – research linguist, social justice activist, author, educator, administrator, community organizer, committees-galore church lady, full-time mom, and now senior cohousing planner. But through it all, what I truly love doing is gardening, exploring nature, and connecting deeply with friends and family. And, of course, reading – Stephen Buhner’s works on plant intelligence and heart perception… Cynthia Bourgeault’s radical mysticism… the towering pile above my bed will surely do me in if there’s an earthquake (would that intellectual osmosis by proximity worked)! As a convert from Rugged Individualism, I’ve been learning to trust the sometimes chaotic process of Community and to see how we can create something much more life-giving together than apart.